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Our in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables Microlucid to provide end-to-end software solutions by using wide rage for technologies, ensuring adaptability to client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain. With our wide range of skill-sets, we provide the benefits of our innovation, knowledge, diversity and delivery capability in ever changing technology word.

Lamp technology

  • Linux - The Operating System
  • Apache - The Web server
  • MySQL - The Database Management System or Database Server
  • Perl, PHP or Python - One of several scripting languages

Mobile Application

Mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone are expressing fast towards becoming an integral component of the modern business environment. With Mobile technology taking center stage in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure that users of these devices are able to quickly and easily access information in either a native application format or in a mobile web environment. These smart devices are not only trendy; they have developed into a major part of our everyday lives.

Today, mobile apps development is focused towards social networking applications, mobile games, mobile media streaming, mobile advertising, and lots more. Mobile Applications gives a cutting edge to the whole concept of selling and buying products and goods with e-commerce and mobile interfaces stimulating the organizations to eye Enterprise Mobility as a lever to improve operational excellence and efficiencies, reduce cost, and enhance customer experience.

Developing mobile application needs an array of innovative and vibrant approach using several latest mobile gadgets. Designing and developing a mobile application should always be done by professionals who understand the market and is well-versed with required technologies. At Microlucid, we take special pride in designing and developing some of the most user friendly, unique and attractive mobile phone apps that are customized according to the specs of each individual client. Faster, richer and enhanced mobile applications are the trademark of Microlucid mobile application development team.

We ensure an end-to-end mobile solution that combine business transactions through mobile devices and content delivery systems to publish a range of information valuable for both providers and consumers. Microlucid can deliver you with the most smartly designed, resourceful, and creative cross platform application development completely functional for all smart phones dominating the market today. We also understand that these applications are quite a performance enhancer for smart phones. So our uniquely designed mobile applications can be used anywhere including payment gateway, deal aggregator, shopping cart, games, GPS, maps, group deal sites, social networking and many more.

Our mobile application development services are completely functional in the following platforms

  • Android Application Development
  • I-phone Application Development
  • Phone Gap Applications
  • Windows Phone Applications
  • Xamarine Applications

Besides the native mobile application development, our cross platform designing cuts down on technological hazards and take less time in implementation. At Microlucid, we have the most highly skilled creative team and a dedicated team of experienced app developers to ensure the best cross platform application development with PhoneGap and MonoTouch.

Java technology

  • JAVA - Java, JDK, Applets, AWT, Swing, Thread, Networking, IO, Log4J etc
  • Web Technology - HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Tiles, Ajax
  • Servers - Jakarta Tomcat, JBoss, Apache Web Server, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, JRun, JDeveloper Oracle application.
  • Database - Sybase, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Postgre SQL, MS Access.
  • Framework - Struts , JBoss jBPM, Spring, Hibernate, JDO, Top Link, iBatis, Lucene, Nutch, GWT, Adobe Flex, JQuey, DOJO, DWR.
  • Modeling - Rational Rose 2000.
  • Web Service - Apache Axis, JAX-WS.
  • IDE - RAD, WSAD, Eclipse, JDeveloper, JBuilder, NetBeans, Intellij, Aqua Studio, Squirrel, TOAD.
  • Reporting - iReports, Jasper, jrxml, Coocon, jFree Chart, Apache POI-HSSF.
  • Build - Ant, Maven, Hudson.
  • Testing - Junit, JWebUnit, JMock, Cactus, FireBug, YSlow.
  • Scripting - Bash, KSH, CHS, SH, Perl, Python, PHP, AWK.
  • Version Control - CVS.
  • Work Flow - JBoss Business Process Management (iBPM)
  • Operating Systems - Solaris, Unix, Linux, Mainframe AS/400, Windows NT/2000

Design Technology

  • Markup Languages - Html, Dhtml, XHTML.
  • Style - Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Client-Side Scripting - JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).
  • Web DevelopmentApplication- Dreamweaver CS4.
  • Graphics Editing Application Photoshop CS4, Corel Draw X4, OpenSceneGraph.
  • Multimedia Platform Flash CS4, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Supported Browser - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari ,Google Crome.
  • Web Testing - FireBug, YSlow.


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